European Control Manufacturers Association
European Control Manufacturers Association
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Afecor - The European Control Manufacturers' Association


The mission of the association is to influence regulations and promote standards ensuring safe, efficient and environment friendly use of primary energy sources.


  • Driving the processes of standardization of controls and their application fields.
  • Providing expertise at the drafting stage of EC legislation affecting the industry using gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Promoting the interest of control manufacturers in the appliance manufacturers’ associations or other relevant organizations.


Afecor achieves its objectives by active involvement of experts from the member companies in

  • market observation
  • investigating new technologies
  • participation in standardization outside EU
  • providing comments and statements on legislation


Afecor in the past and our involvement today


The association was founded in 1963 as EGCMA (European Gas Control Manufacturers' Association).

Expansion of activities caused a change of the name in 1968 to AFECOGAZ (Association des fabricants européens d'appareils de contrôle pour le gaz et l'huile) becoming Afecor (Association des fabricants européens d'appareils de contrôle et de régulation) in 1988.


Ensuring involvement in, and input to, all future draft EC legislation affecting the industry using gaseous and liquid fuels, such as Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR), Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD), Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), Energy related Products Directive (ErP),  etc. This includes aligning with national organizations to harmonize proposals and decisions.


To drive the processes of standardization, ensuring consistent and commonly accepted standards for process and combustion controls in Europe and beyond. Through this, realize the economies of scale and pass on state-of-the art technologies

EU Expert Groups

EU Directorates Grow/Ener/Connect
Afecor is involved in the expert groups preparing studies for European legislation (e.g. Energy related Products Directive) or the revision thereof.

WGGA - Working Group Gas Appliances
This committee involves the member states and other stakeholders in decisions on the implementation of the GAR. Afecor is represented in this Working Group as a trade organization.

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
Afecor is a member opf the Alliance which promotes production and use of hydrogen.

Advisory Committees

NBGA-Open – Notified Bodies group Gas Appliances - Open
This committee prepares documents to deliver interpretations on how to implement the Gas Appliances Regulation. Afecor is represented in the NBGA-Open as an observing member but with active involvement in the discussions and ad-hoc groups.

EcoBED-AC - Boiler Efficiency Directive Advisory Committee
This committee was started to help implement the Boiler Efficiency Directive, but did change the scope to provide input for the new Energy Efficiency Directive.


THyGA (Testing Hydrogen admixture for Gas Applications) is a European research program to investigate gas appliances used with different Hydrogen admixtures. Afecor participates in the Advisory committee.

Prime Movers’ Group
The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) runs the Prime movers’ group which works on the elimination of obstacles for the whole value chain concerning the introduction of Hydrogen in the gas grid.

Council of Administration

President - Klaus Jesse
Vice President - Sabine Pintaske
Technical Director - Ettore Rossi
Secretary General - Harald Petermann
Treasurer - Stephan Mock


A large number of European controls manufacturers, aware of the outstanding opportunities offered by harmonised standards for gas and oil controls in the single European market have chosen to participate directly through independent membership of afecor.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us! We are happy to hear from you

Write us:

Afecor Secretariat

Mevissenstraße 1
50668 Köln


Phone: +49 (
270799 02


Afecor has its official base in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Luchthavenlaan 18
1800 Vilvoorde
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